Register for our platform and fill out your Basic Profile

You’ll fill out a basic profile and be able to get started on your sample tests. Once you complete your sample tests and get accepted to the platform, you’ll be able to take tests.

Please note in August 2021 we will be implementing ID verification. Every tester will be asked to verify to continue testing with us.

When this is implemented you’ll need to verify your identity by providing us with a government-issued ID and take a selfie to prove you are you. We use a 3rd party platform to verify identities. This information is not saved on our platform.

Submit your Sample Tests

The first sample test

The first sample test is to see if you meet our basic requirements and show the potential to be a 5-star tester on our platform.

We look to see if you are able to:

🙌 If your test is approved, we’ll provide feedback for you to keep in mind for your second test.

🛠 If your test is rejected for technical issues, you’ll be able to fix the issue and resubmit your first test.

😭 If you are rejected for not being a good fit for us, you will not be able to test on our platform. Sorry, we know it sucks…

The second sample test

The second sample test is to see if you’ve improved from your first test, and can put yourself in the mind of a real customer.

In this test we look to see that you:

The Decision

From here our moderators will decide if you meet our minimum criteria for acceptance into our tester pool.

Acceptance! 🥳

Once you’re accepted to be a tester on our platform, your first 10(ish) customer tests will be moderated.

During this moderation process, we will find one thing you can improve on in each video. We’ll share what you did well, what you could improve on, and what we’d like to see next time. This helps you learn what our customers want and how to succeed on our platform!

The more value we provide our customers, the more they order from us and the more tests become available! Win. Win.

The more you do well on our platform, the more money-making opportunities are available to you.

Get Profile Demographics Verified – COMING AUGUST 2021

Once you are accepted, you’ll be able to fill out your profile more by answering questionnaires. The answers to questionnaires will tag you as being part of a demographic (such as dog lover, homeowner, fitness enthusiast, CBD oil user, and more.).

We’ll also be working to build a B2B audience and will individually verify each tester with proof of occupation (LinkedIn or equivalent). These will be premium audiences and the payment per test will be higher.

Why we do this?

This process is about finding testers who match our company values, care about providing great feedback that improves businesses, want to improve themselves, and can take constructive criticism!

This helps Conversion Crimes stand out in the market and provide our customers with a superior product.