Get sweet bonuses πŸ’΅ and MOAR opportunities πŸ€‘

Hello Agent! Come to see how to move up the ranks?

We have a 6 Level classification system that we use to rank our Testers.

You increase your ranking by taking more tests. However, quantity isn’t everything!

The quality of your tests will be judged by our customers.

Tip: The more 5-star tests you submit, the more test opportunities you receive.

How do you level up?

Customers rate tests completed by you based on:

  1. The overall quality of your tests
  2. The value of the feedback received
  3. How well you followed the instructions
  4. Your efficiency in communication

To ensure that customers *actually* rate videos – we plant a tree for every video rated. 😎

All customers have to do is rate your test and a tree is planted. 🌳 So simple and such a Win-Win.

What kind of bonuses?

We will be adding more perks to our level system as we grow. ☺️

πŸ‹οΈβ€β™‚οΈ Level 0

At this level, you go through training. Your account functionality will be limited to completing training tests only.

You will be required to take 2 training tests and be graded by our moderators.

πŸ”‘ Level 1

To achieve Level 1 you must: Pass Training

At this level, your account functionality will increase and you will be able to take official tests created by our customers.

However, your tests will be moderated by us while you learn the ropes. We’ll give you feedback on each test to help you improve and become a 5-star tester (earning you more tests and opportunities)!

Once you’ve successfully passed 10 customer tests, you’ll be moved to level 2 and get your first bonus payment! πŸ˜±πŸ€‘

Level 1 Perks:

πŸ€‘ Level 2

To achieve Level 2 you must: Complete 12 tests total (includes training tests)

At this level, your account functionality increases and you will be able to take unmoderated tests. You can go out on your own!

Level 2 Perks:

πŸ‘©β€πŸ« Level 3

To achieve Level 3 you must: Complete 62 tests total

Level 3 Perks:

πŸ“ Level 4

To achieve Level 4 you must: Complete 162 tests total

Level 4 Perks:

🏁 Level 5

To achieve Level 5 you must: Complete 362 tests total

Level 5 Perks:

Super Bonus: First 10 testers to reach level 5 will receive an additional one-time bonus of $50
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