Hello Agent!

Come to see how to move up the ranks eh?

Well, I like your spirit!

Let me tell you how it works…

We have a 6 Level classification system that we use to rank our Testers.

You increase your ranking by taking more tests.

However, quantity isn’t everything!

The quality of your tests will be judged by our elite team of expert moderators and Customers and you will be given a rating out of 5 stars for how well you completed the test!

How do I earn my stars?

Customers rate tests completed by you, as they will be using them as part of their customer experience research. While you’re in training however, our moderators will rate your tests. To ensure we are giving the highest quality service to our Customers, our moderators may also check-in on tests that are rated poorly or very highly.

In the instance your test is rated poorly, a moderator may override a Customers rating if we deem it unfair.

In the instance your highly rated test is randomly selected for moderation, we may provide you a bonus if we find you to have provided excellent value to our customer.

The tests are rated on the following parameters;

Make sure you’re wearing a wire
Cleary speak into the microphone so our Customers can easily understand you. Try test runs before each test if you’re not sure how you sound.

Safe room
Any background noise may interrupt your speaking and some of your important insights may be lost as a result. Please ensure you are testing in a quiet area.

Roger that!
Narrating what you’re doing on the site is important so the Customer can understand how the design and other elements of their site influence your decisions.

Houston, we have a problem
Talk about what confuses you, and what attracts your attention. These are important factors that dictate a user’s experience of the site. Be sure to mention anything that stands out or looks out of place.

Calling for backup
You don’t have to be an expert in website design or UX, you represent the customer this website is designed for. So don’t be afraid to share your opinion and propose things that would help make it easier for you to perform the required task.

What happened out there?
Offering feedback is an important parameter for the Tester Ratings. Again, you don’t need to offer any technical feedback, just say what would improve YOUR experience of the website.

Going undercover
Make sure that you have read and understood the scenario task and ensure you complete the test in accordance with those requirements.

Let’s take a look at the specifications for each level.

level zero tester badge
Level 0 – Rookie
At this level you go through field training. Your account functionality will be limited to completing training tests only.

In order to pass your testing to move up to Level 1, you must get an overall tester star rating of at least 3.5. Your tester rating is taken from the average rating you get for the tests you complete.

Once you’ve successfully passed the 3 training tests, you will become an official Conversion Crimes Agent and be paid $2.50 for your efforts.

level one tester badge
Level 1 – Agent
At this level, your account functionality will increase and you will be able to take official tests created by our Clients. But your tests will be moderated by us while you learn the ropes.

Once you’ve successfully passed 10 tests, then you will become an official Conversion Crimes Bodyguard!

level 2 tester badge
Level 2 – Bodyguard

At this level, your account functionality increases and you will be able to take unmoderated tests. You can go out on your own!

And as a reward for your hard work, we will give you a one-time bonus of $5!

Once you’ve successfully passed 50 tests in total, you will be promoted to Elite Bodyguard!

level 3 tester badge
Level 3 – Elite Bodyguard

Now you’ll be an Elite… sounds good doesn’t it?

What do the Elite do that no one else does? Elite assignments.

When you reach this level, you will be eligible for Mobile and App tests, which pay at a bonus rate of $1.25 per video!

On top of that, you will be rewarded a one-time bonus of $25 for reaching this level!

Once you’ve successfully completed 100 tests in total, then you can earn the perks of a Secret Service Agent..

level 4 tester badge
Level 4 – Secret Service Agent
This is where we push you to reach your maximum potential. You’ve had all your 007 gadgets, now it’s time for your Aston Martin..

To motivate you to maintain your consummate standard, we will offer you a double 5-star bonus. That means if a customer rates your test as 5 stars, we will double your bonus payment rates from $0.25 to $0.50!

We will also double the amount you received for your previous one-time bonus to $50 as a reward for reaching this level!

Once you have completed 250 tests in total at this level, then you’ve got what it takes to protect us all!

level 5 tester badge
Level 5 – Director of National Security
You’ve made it to the top. It’s taken you 40 long years, but it was damn worth it! (just kidding).

All those parties you missed.. Those newborn relatives you never saw.. Even testing at your own wedding (Ok I’ll stop now).

When you reach this level, you will keep all of the benefits earned at previous levels, but we’ll also offer you the opportunity to acquire some extra experience not available at any of the previous levels: You will now be eligible for a Moderator position.

As a Moderator, you can use your experience, knowledge and expertise to monitor and assess the testers at the lower levels behind you (we will give you everything you need to do this if you wish to partake. Otherwise, just keep testing as normal!). This is a fantastic opportunity if you’re interested in additional work and helping others become and be better user testers.

In order to match the high standards of our Moderators, we will need you to be at a testing level of 4.5 stars or above.

And to top it all off, your one-time bonus will also increase again, this time to $125!

You’ve earned it!

Well, it’s been nice talking with you Agent. I’m really looking forward to seeing you progress through the ranks!

Good luck, and if you need anymore information from us, please find what you need by looking through the helpful info we have on our website.