Test Summary & Purpose

The purpose of this test is to have testers navigate your website to find a product they are interested in within a set of constraints (like budget, size, color, etc), find information on that product, and then go through the check-out process.

Test Benefits

In this test you will learn what catches users’ attention the most on your website, how they would search for a specific product, what questions you’re already answering for them and which ones you should, and ultimately, how they go through the checkout process (Is there friction? Is it easy?).

Test type/length

Search & Find – 5/10 minutes, max 6 tasks

Number of testers


Scenario Options


  1. What is the first thing you notice? Do you see anything on the homepage of the website that interests you? Where would you go first?
  2. How would you find a product you are interested in that fits your criteria.
  3. What questions do you have about the product you have chosen and where would you go to find the answers to those questions?
  4. What were the most important factors for you in choosing which product to get? Then, add the item you chose to your cart.
  5. Go through the check-out process until you reach credit card information, then stop.
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