Test Summary & Purpose

The purpose of this test is to see how users go about getting in touch with your company if needed before purchasing, and what questions they would have that are not answered or they can’t find on the website.

Test Benefits

This test can tell you what information you could add to the website and where, to help users find all the answers they need to buy. You will also understand if the flow of your website (and navigation) is as seamless and as streamlined as possible.

Test type/length

Basic navigation – 1-5 minutes, max 3 tasks

Number of testers


Scenario Options


  1. What do you need to know before buying here? Where would you go to find that information?
  2. What questions do you have about [product or company] that you can’t find the answers to?
  3. See if there’s a way to get in touch with this company and if you find one, ask for more information.
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