Test Summary & Purpose

The purpose of this test is to understand how users react to your website, branding and messaging at first glance. You’ll also get an idea for what users would want to do as their first action.

Test Benefits

In this test you will understand if your branding and messaging are clear and effective to someone who is in a purchase-ready frame of mind, or if you need to improve on them. You’ll also learn if you should change the structure of your page to make it more effective.

Test type/length

Basic navigation – 1-5 minutes, max 3 tasks

Number of testers


Scenario Options


  1. Without clicking on anything but scrolling through the page, what is your immediate reaction? Do you think this website could help you?
  2. Do you trust this website?
  3. Please review the page and click on anything that interests you. Why did you click those elements? (It’s okay if nothing interests you, but please let us know.)
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