Test Summary & Purpose

The purpose of this test is to have testers try different things on their cart to test out its functionality.

Test Benefits

In this test you will learn of any bugs or technical issues users might be facing when adding or removing products to cart and in general during their buying experience.

Test type/length

Deep dive – 10/15 minutes, max 12 tasks

Number of testers


Scenario Options


  1. Navigate this website to quickly find a product you are interested in. Choose one and add it to the cart.
  2. Navigate to your cart and increase the quantity of that item to 2.
  3. Go back to the product page and add the same item two more times.
  4. Navigate to your cart and see if it updated the quantity correctly to 5.
  5. Navigate the website and add a different product to the cart.
  6. Close this browser tab and reopen the same website. Navigate to your cart, are your product choices still there?
  7. Navigate the website and add a 3rd product to the site, if variables are available, choose a specific variable (like size, color, etc).
  8. Go to the cart and click an item in your cart. What happens and was it what you expected to happen?
  9. Remove the second item from your cart. Then, remove all items from your cart
  10. Navigate the website and add any product to your cart. Then go to your cart.
  11. Now go through the check out process and enter in a coupon code during this process. When you reach the payment step, stop.
  12. Closing thoughts: How would you describe your overall experience? What did you really like about this website? What, if anything, frustrated you about this website?
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