Day 18: Why narcissists love good copy

Have you ever said that you’d love for a psychologist to analyze your brain and tell you everything you don’t know about yourself?

I know I have.

Why would we like this? I’ll tell you why, because it’ll be all about do-re-ME!

Which is why 90% of things in life are about the: “What’s in it for me?”.

And this is what your visitors are repeatedly asking themselves as they’re wondering through your site. So it’s up to you to keep their attention, if you don’t want them to leave.

Today we’re going to show you how to do just that.

Ok, here’s a quick test you can take right now. Head to your homepage or product/service page and press cmd+F (CTRL + F = Windows). Then search for the word “you”.

How many times did you use it? – words like “your” and “you’re” are included.

Now search for these words: “we”, “us”, “our”, “I”, “my”. How do they compare?

If you’re like 99% of entrepreneurs out there, chances are the second word count was considerably higher.

What’s the lesson here? – your copy should be about your customers more than about you or your company.

Let your brand design, your testimonials, and your new value proposition speak for you. They will be what makes your leads have trust in your product/service, you don’t need to tell them in the copy.

Let’s look at this for an example:

Notice how it’s focused on your goal? It even gives you 4 different options based on your needs. This is a very powerful example for a landing page specifically, but you can infuse this effect on your homepage or product page as well.

Now compare it with this:

Stock image apart (which, btw you should avoid like the plague), how do you feel reading this example compared to the first example?

Like they’re talking AT you and not TO you?

It’s all about them! They are the best, most experienced, the most cutting-edge blah blah my mind was drifting sorry… You can see something similar in most enterprise service websites. If only they knew what you and I now know…

Obviously every audience is different, especially when it comes to Business-to-Business sales, where you have multiple people involved in the buying process. However, that’s no excuse!

This is the action step for this lesson:

I would like you to read through every sentence of one of your main conversion pages – preferably one you’ve already been working on during this course. And see if you can flip the focus to the reader.

For example, if your copy reads: “Give us a call to learn about our IT company and what we can offer”

That could be changed to: “Give us a call to see how our IT services can help you today”.

Still not great, but a hell of a lot better than before.

So, you might be asking as you read this: “What’s in it for me?”

Well, when your leads see that you’re speaking TO them and not AT them, they start to really listen. And if you have what they need, you might just make yourself some new customers.

That’s all for this lesson.

Next time, we’re going to help you teach your website how to have a conversation with your leads.