Watch this quick 5-minute video to learn more about what it’s like to be a Conversion Crimes certified tester and what’s in it for you.

How training works

Once you create your tester account you’ll be able to enroll in the tester training from your dashboard.

The Conversion Crimes tester training includes 3 sessions you’ll have to go through to become a certified tester.

Click ‘take test’ in order to claim a test, from which point you will have 60 minutes to finish the test. If you don’t complete a test within the 60 minute timeframe it automatically becomes unclaimed again.

Your test will begin and you’ll be asked to go through each task until completed. After each session you’ll be brought back to your dashboard where, if ready, you’ll be able to start the next training session.

Once you’ll have completed all 3 training sessions, we’re going to evaluate them and get back to you with your rating. Get a rating of 3.5/5, or higher, and you’re officially a certified Conversion Crimes tester.

What’s in it for you

Become a great tester and learn how to speak your thoughts, go through customer tasks and provide subjective feedback that will help people and their businesses grow.

Build a virtual database of knowledge and learn best practices of invaluable skills like user experience (UX) and copywriting. The more tests you’ll complete, the more you’ll get a sense of how websites are structured. You’ll naturally get a feel for what’s good and what’s not, and experience, first-hand, the most common mistakes business owners or designers make.

Get paid to learn. We credit your account for every completed test – even your training tests. Whilst you’re in training and your tester level is 1, you will be credit after the tests are approved by us.

What you’ll need

How to be a 5-star Conversion Crimes tester

  1. There are no wrong answers. The point of user testing is to find where the site is confusing, frustrating, has errors, etc so don’t worry about the ‘right’ way to do things.
  2. Just do what makes sense to you and document what happens.
  3. You should always be articulating your thoughts, for example:“I am looking for X, I think it would be over here so I’m going to check that out. Oh that’s not what I expected to see, I expected to see X”

    “I’m looking for some information to see if X has Y feature… I’m going to read this paragraph and see if I can find out there. (reads paragraph) Okay so this is saying that X has…”

    “Okay so I didn’t find it there… so I’m going to look over here where it says X, I think that is related to it because…”

  4. Do not read text out loud generally – customers know what their site says. If you need to read something comment on why you want to read it, then be silent while you read it. After you finish reading, provide your thoughts on that copy.
  5. Did you discover what you thought you would? Did it answer your question or clarify something? Or explain what you think it meant.
  6. Make sure you follow the tasks.
  7. If you have knowledge on the product, brand, industry, etc state that in the video.

Follow these simple guidelines and you’ll be a 5-star user tester!

Training cheat sheet

1-minute First Impression Test

The purpose of this quick session and type of test is to see what your immediate reaction and thoughts about a website are. You’ll be shown the webpage for 15 seconds and then we’ll ask you to explain your thoughts verbally, in your own words.

How to successfully pass this session:
Customers want to understand what people think of their website before even having the chance to scroll through it or click on anything. Look at the page and provide your honest immediate thoughts as they come to you.

Ask yourself these questions after you’ve looked at the

4-minute Engagement Test

With this test you’ll practice how to go through a few main pages of a website in a way that’s useful to our customers. By commenting on your actions and process, they’ll get valuable and actionable insights they can use immediately.

How to successfully pass this session:
Often times, customers have a hard time understand how outsiders perceive their businesses and how they interact with their websites. This is because they are so into what they do that they develop a sort of “blindness” to aspects that might look so obvious to someone like you.

Ask yourself these questions while you go through the tasks:

8-minute Comprehensive Test

This session will help you develop the attention to detail you’ll need when going through longer, more in depth tests. You’ll be able to help customers pinpoint flaws in their, messaging, design, website flow and even spot technical bugs.

How to successfully pass this session:
Some businesses will require you to go through more elaborate processes than simply scrolling their websites and finding a product. You might be asked to sign up and then log into their
platform, and to even check your email address to confirm any messages and notifications they might send out.

Ask yourself these questions while going through the tasks:

Alright, you’re ready to go! Sign up to become a tester.

Still have questions? Check out our tester FAQs.