Hi and welcome to Conversion Crimes!

Conversion Crimes is a usability testing platform.

Usability testing is something anyone can do. At the core, it’s simply recording your screen while speaking your thoughts out loud. You’ll do this while visiting a website or app and trying to complete a task such as finding a product and answering a question about it.

One of the ways Conversion Crimes differentiates from competitors is by having the best testers. Testers that have valuable, clear, and concise feedback that makes our customers experience amazing.

So we require all testers on our platform to undergo a training program before they are allowed to test with real customers.

Our customers get great tests. You learn how to be a great tester and earn some side income!

Check our our demo to see some examples of the insights our customers receive from people like you.


What you need to start testing:

What’s in it for you?

Usability testing is a great way to earn a side income by completing micro-tasks that are up to 20 minutes long and pay an average of $18 per hour. 

You get paid per test taken and tests can be ordered in 4 different sizes. 

1 task tests = .50 cents
These are short first impression tests. They average about 2 minutes long. 

3 task tests = $2
These are short navigation website tests usually. They average about 6 minutes long.

6 task tests = $4
These are tasks where you will complete a flow like finding an item in a store and going through the check-out. They average about 12 minutes long.

12 task tests = $6
These tasks are usually signing up for applications and completing a long series of tasks. They average about 20 minutes long. 

Note: payments are based on the length of test ordered and not actual video length

Other Perks

🤘 On our platform the more tests you do, the higher your level and the more opportunities for earning money you’ll receive, such as test moderation for quality control. Every time you level up, you’ll get a one-time bonus (ranges from $5-$100!)  More info coming soon. 

💰 We’re the only user testing platform that rewards you for passing training. We focus on quality and training our testers to be great at articulating their thoughts and putting themselves in the proper frame of mind. You’ll get a $2.50 reward when you pass our training.

While we know this is a small token of appreciation for the time investment, we’re also investing time & resources into training you to ensure your success on our platform.  During training you will not get standardized feedback, it will be tailored specifically to you.  📝

🙌 No annoying screener questions! If you see a test in your dashboard, you can claim and take it. Test do often have “requirements” (such as: management experience, reads the news, etc) of which you should only claim the test if you match that requirement. You must be honest when claiming tests with requirements or you risk removal from our platform.  

😘 We welcome your feedback, both good and bad. We want to be a company that you love working with, your feedback is how we make it one. Hit us up on Intercom anytime. 

⚖️ We limit the number of testers on our platform. We want to keep a good balance between testers and customers and grow testers as orders grow. If we are closed for tester registrations you can join our waitlist to be notified when we open again.

Here’s how it works

  1. Go through the application process by answering a few simple questions or providing a speaking sample if you are not a native English speaker.
  2. Get approved to take our short 13 minute course and take a simple 5 question quiz so we know you paid attention!
  3. Complete 3 training tests with an average rating of 3.8 or higher. (You will be allowed to retake training tests rated 2 stars or lower)
    • Note: You cannot retake customer tests ever as it won’t be a true “first time visit.”
  4. Become a tester on our platform and get paid to take tests.

Apply to be a tester!