What is user testing?

User testing is a tool that entrepreneurs and conversion specialists use to understand how to improve a website or online service.

By watching someone use a website for the first time, you can understand where people; become frustrated, confused, can’t do something, misunderstand things, or encounter errors.

User Testing is something anyone who can navigate a computer can do. You will be asked to follow a set of tasks on a website or app. Your job is to attempt those tasks and articulate your thoughts as you do it. It’s that simple.

Here’s an example of a short 5-star user test:

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What you need to start testing websites

What’s in it for me?

User testing is a great way to earn a side-income by completing micro-tasks that are up to 15 minutes long and pay an average of $19 per hour.

Get paid per test taken

Tests can be ordered by our customers in 4 different sizes and the pay per test is as follows:
1 task tests = .50 cents
These are short first impression tests. A quick look at a site to understand what you think it is about. They usually take about a minute to do.

3 task tests = $2
One to Five minute tests have up to 3 tasks for you to complete on a website.

6 task tests = $4
Five to Ten minute test exploring a website and completing up to 6 tasks on a website.

12 task tests = $6
Ten to Fifteen minute test exploring a website and completing up to 12 tasks on a website.

Note: payments are based on the length of test ordered and not actual video length

Tester Levels

Our platform the more tests you do, the higher your level and the more opportunities you receive, such as test moderation for quality control. Learn more about our levels here.

The only user testing platform that pays you for training when you pass

We focus on quality and training our testers to be great at articulating their thoughts and putting themselves in the proper frame of mind. You’ll earn $2.50 when you pass our 3 training tests and become a level 1 tester.

No annoying screeners!

If you see a test in your dashboard, you can claim and take it. We do sometimes have “requirements” (such as: management experience, reads the news, etc) of which you should only claim the test if you match that requirement. We expect you to be honest.

We welcome your feedback, both good and bad

We want to be a company that you love working with, your feedback is how we make it one.

We limit the number of testers on our platform

We want to keep a good balance between testers and customers and grow testers as orders grow. This is to ensure customer orders can be completed in a timely manner and testers have a steady stream of tests to complete. If we are closed for tester registrations you can join our waitlist to be notified when we open again.

Here’s how it works

  1. Sign up and verify your email
  2. Fill out your tester profile information
  3. Complete 3 training tests with an average rating of 3.5 or higher
  4. Become a tester!

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Top tips

There are no wrong answers. If you can’t find something, that’s helpful.

Do not read text out loud generally. Instead read silently, then provide your thoughts on what it says.

Always be articulating your thoughts, “I am looking for X, I think it would be over here. WOW that’s not what I expected, I expected to see X.”

If you have knowledge on the product, brand, industry, etc state that in the video.

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