What is user testing?

User testing is a tool that entrepreneurs and conversion specialists use to understand how to improve a website or online service.

By watching someone use a website for the first time, you can understand where people; become frustrated, confused, can’t do something, misunderstand things, or encounter errors.

User testing exists to provide insights into ways our clients can improve the experience people have with their website, which results in; improved customer satisfaction, reduced support tickets and increased revenue. All things that are great for business!

This is where you come in.

User Testing is something anyone who can navigate a computer can do. You will be asked to follow a set of tasks on a website or app. Your job is to attempt those tasks and articulate your thoughts as you do it. It’s that simple.

Here’s an example of a short 5-star user test

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What you need to start testing websites

  • A good internet connection.
  • A computer (Mac or PC). If you have an Android or Apple device you can also perform mobile and app testing.
  • Google Chrome web browser. Download Google Chrome
  • To test on mobile, you will need to download the Conversion Crimes app when it is released, either on the Google Play store for Android or the App Store for iOS (release date tba soon).
  • A microphone. Most laptops have a microphone built in which would suffice, you can also use headphones with a mic (the standard Apple headphones work very well too). Same as for mobile. For PC, depending on the model, you may not have a built-in mic and thus may need to use headphones or invest in a small aux or USB microphone.
  • Loom screen recorder (click to install once you are using Google Chrome). We use Loom because it allows you to bypass having to download/upload videos manually, you will simply paste a link in to a form after you complete the test. Install Loom (if you have Chrome already installed).
  • A quiet place with as little background noise as possible to record your tests.
  • Eagerness to explore a website and narrate your experience.

  • What’s in it for me?

    User testing is a great way to earn a side-income by completing micro-tasks that are up to 20 minutes long and pay an average of $19 per hour.

    We pay .40 cents per minute ordered

    For example, a 7-minute test, would pay a base rate of $2.80.

    Sweet incentives for providing quality work

    For example, if your video is rated 5-stars by the customer you get a $0.25 – $1 bonus.

    The only user testing platform that pays you to sign up

    Get paid to try us out. You’ll earn $2.80 for 3 practice, but real, user tests.

    We welcome your feedback, both good and bad

    We want to be a company that you love working with, your feedback is how we make it one.

    Here’s how it works

    1. Sign up and verify your email
    2. Fill out your tester profile information
    3. Complete 3 training tests with an average rating of 3.5 or higher
    4. Become a tester!

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    Top tips

    There are no wrong answers. If you can’t find something, that’s helpful.

    Do not read text out loud generally. Instead read silently, then provide your thoughts on what it says.

    Always be articulating your thoughts, “I am looking for X, I think it would be over here. WOW that’s not what I expected, I expected to see X.”

    If you have knowledge on the product, brand, industry, etc state that in the video.

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