Easy & Quick Money

"It's an easy, quick thing to squeeze into a busy schedule to make some extra money." - Shaina D.

Increase Confidence

"Increased my confidence in speaking my thoughts out loud. It's great practice and a good skill to have." - Thomas H.

Improve Communication

"You can tell they care about you through the fact that they give feedback to help YOU become better. - Jennifer S.

We match you with companies looking for fresh, honest feedback.

All you gotta do is record a quick screencast and let 'em know what's working and what needs a little TLC. Here's how it works:

1. Get Invited

We'll shoot you an email when a company is looking for people with your skills. If you're up for it and have the availability, lets go!

2. Record Feedback

You'll be given a set of questions and prompts to answer while screenrecording and speaking your thoughts outloud.

3. Get Paid

Recieve $10-$100 depending on the number of questions and criteria ($60-$400/hour). And you'll get feedback in return.

Your feedback helps small businesses see if they're hitting the mark or not!

Super low time committment, do it when you feel like it. 20 minutes or less per session.

🆘 If their messaging easy to understand, or like trying to decipher a secret code?

🚨 What stands out and grabs attention and what makes your eyes gloss over?

💣 If the design and usability enhances your experience, or ruins it?

💨 If you want to dive deeper and uncover more, or want to bail out?

🤔 If you feel like you can trust it, or makes you question its credibility?

Get paid to speak your mind and improve your communication skills

Free to join. To apply you'll need to create a profile and submit a sample.

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