Why should you become a Conversion Crimes tester?

Get paid to work from wherever you are, whenever you want. Level up and get paid even more!

How it works

1. Sign up and create your account in just 5 minutes
2. Learn how to become a Level 1 tester and pass your (paid) training
3. Start testing websites and getting paid to help customers
4. Level up to get paid even more and enter the tester Hall of Fame

A day in the life of a Conversion Crimes tester

Turn on your computer, wherever there’s a WiFi connection and quiet space.
Find tests you can work on with one look at your tester dashboard.
Pick the test you feel like working on based on the time available.
Talk through your experience of using a website and get paid for your time.

Finally a fun and rewarding user testing experience

Your time is precious. Start getting paid from the moment you sign up.

Sign up and create your account

Starting out is easy and it just takes 5 minutes. Simply tells us more about yourself (this data will be used to assign tests that are more relevant and interesting to you), install the free Conversion Crimes Chrome extension and you’ll have access to your dedicated tester dashboard.

Become a tester

Get paid to learn and get to Level 1

Before working on customer usability tests, you’ll be required to go through our training. This is our secret sauce and the reason why our customers love working with our testers and will love working with you. Once you successfully complete your training you’ll become a Level 1 Conversion Crimes tester.

Learn about training

Start testing websites and make that $$$

When you are a Level 1 tester, you can work on the available customer tests you see in your dashboard. Pick and accept the tests that suit you on your own time. Once accepted you’ll have 60 minutes to complete a test. Follow your training guidelines and you’ll do great!

Get better and level up!

We built our system so that best testers get rewarded for their time and effort. From the beginner Level 1, you’ll be able to power up and earn even more. There are a total of 5 levels, each one granting you higher payout and more cool benefits (including a bonus!).


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