What you will be doing:

You will be given a website to visit and a list of things to attempt on the website to test it. You will record your screen and voice while narrating your thoughts as you complete the tasks.

What you need to perform this hit: 

  • A good internet connection
  • A computer (mac or PC). If you have an android or Apple device you can also perform mobile and app testing.
  • A microphone. Most laptops have one built in, you can use headphones with a mic, or buy a cheap one at the dollar store.
  • A screen recorder app (HyFy – works on both mac/pc in Chrome) You must use HyFy because it allows us to bypass having to download/upload videos, you will simply paste a link.
  • Be eager to explore a website and narrate your experience

Required Viewing: How to install the HyFy, record, and upload the video.

To install HyFy go here

Our Payout structure:

We pay $0.40 per recorded minute. Mobile/App payouts have an extra $0.70 cents added for the extra set-up time. For hourly rate calculations we’ve added an extra 3-minutes for website tests and 5-minutes for mobile or app tests for set-up, reading instructions, and turning in your recording.

Recorded Test
Length (Minutes)
Turk Pay

Minutes to 
complete task

Est. Hourly
Desktop or Laptop Screen Recording
2 $0.80 5 $9.60
6 $2.40 9 $16.00
12 $4.80 15 $19.20
15 $6.00 18 $20.00
20 $8.00 23 $20.87
Mobile or App Screen Recording
2 $1.50 7 $12.86
6 $3.10 11 $16.91
12 $5.50 17 $19.41
15 $6.70 20 $20.10
20 $8.70 25 $20.88

We also provide a .20 cent bonuses for videos customers rate as 5-stars and have an .80 cent above and beyond bonus.

It will take about 15-30-minutes to do your first task with us including watching the orientation videos, installing chrome extensions, and registering on our site. However, it won't take this long for every task. Once you install the tools and understand how to use them, it takes just a few clicks to start recording and upload the video when finished. 

Since you guys are our very first testers into our system, we’re paying a higher qualification rate at $2.40.

We’re open to feedback to make our HITS more awesome and welcome feedback from our testers. We want this to be a great relationship for both of us.

How to be a 5-star user tester

There are no wrong answers. The point of user testing is to find where the site is confusing, frustrating, has errors, etc so don’t worry about the ‘right’ way to do things. Just do what makes sense to you and document what happens.

You should always be articulating your thoughts, for example:

  • “I am looking for X, I think it would be over here so I’m going to check that out. Oh that’s not what I expected to see, I expected to see X”
  • “I’m looking for some information to see if X has Y feature… I’m going to read this paragraph and see if I can find out there. (reads paragraph) Okay so this is saying that X has…”
  • “Okay so I didn’t find it there… so I’m going to look over here where it says X, I think that is related to it because…”

Do not read text out loud generally. Owners know what their site says. If you need to read something comment on why you want to read it, then be silent while you read it. After you finish reading, provide your thoughts on that copy, did you discover what you thought you would? Did it answer your question or clarify something? Or explain what you think it meant.

Make sure you follow the tasks.

If you have knowledge on the product, brand, industry, etc state that in the video.

Follow these simple guidelines and you’ll be a 5-star user tester!