Hi 👋

Quinn here – founder of Conversion Crimes.

First off, I want to thank you for your interest in becoming a tester at Conversion Crimes. It means a lot to me! 😘

Before we get started, I want you to know that we have strict criteria for accepting testers to join our platform. 😬

If you are a 5-star tester on another platform, it doesn’t automatically mean you will be accepted as a tester on Conversion Crimes. 😞

We look for something different because we are different and this is how we stand out in the market.

We are looking for testers that:

💬 Have excellent communication skills and can articulate their thoughts clearly.

😍 LOVE giving feedback and helping companies improve their websites, software, and products.

🧠 Are incredibly good at putting themselves into the mind of the test scenario.

❤️ Care about providing high-quality and accurate results to our customers.

🌳 Always want to be learning, growing, and improving their craft – They love getting feedback!

🙌 Embody our core values as a company.

If you feel you meet these values and have native, bilingual, or C-1 level or higher English fluency, we’d love to see if you are a good fit for us.

Are we a match?