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Easy data-driven optimization

'Done for you' studies analyzed by a CRO strategist.

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Async Communication

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1 free feedback per month. No customization. No frills.

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Amazon Impression

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Feedback pricing is determined by the reviewer type, feedback length, and number of people requested.

Short Feedback
Up to 10 mins, 5 questions/tasks

Long Feedback
Up to 20 mins, 12 questions/tasks

B2C: Consumers

Consumers and general population.

per reviewer
per reviewer

B2B: Business Buyers (In Beta Contact Sales)

People in job roles that use and purchase B2B products and services.

per reviewer
per reviewer

For example: If you want 5 short feedbacks from B2B Reviewers the cost would be 5 x $75. Total Cost $375.

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