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What are reviewers?

Reviewers are real individuals matched to your target audience who interact with your product or service. They provide unfiltered feedback about their perceptions, frustrations, likes, and dislikes. This invaluable insight reveals first-time user experiences, highlighting potential friction points, unmet needs, and opportunities for improvement.

Where do you source reviewers?

We source our reviewers from an array of niche online communities, newsletters, paid ads, and referrals. Every reviewer is meticulously vetted for accuracy and relevance before being categorized in our system. For B2B testers, verification is completed via LinkedIn and other professional resources.

Quality and relevance are key; the better the match, the more useful the feedback. You’ll receive context on each reviewer, aiding in the interpretation of their feedback.

Our reviewer base is always growing because we’re actively recruiting people to join it. You can sign up and be part of it here.

What’s the difference between short and long feedback?

Study length pertains to the time and effort reviewers invest in providing feedback.

‘Short’ studies involve up to 10 minutes of video feedback and up to 5 tasks or questions. This option suits evaluations of specific elements or a couple of pages in your flow, perfect for obtaining quick insights on value propositions or particular steps like a landing page review or item search.

‘Long’ studies provide up to 20 minutes of video feedback with up to 12 tasks or questions. They’re ideal for comprehensive user journey reviews like complete shopping processes, software trial experiences, or ad-to-landing-page evaluations.

The study length impacts the depth of insights and pricing.

Note: If you have few questions, but they require extensive time (20 minutes) to complete, you should opt for the ‘Long’ study.

How many reviewers should I purchase for my study?

The ideal number of study reviewers hinges on your specific needs and budget. Research suggests that 5 users usually uncover the majority of friction, pain points, and unmet needs. Additional reviewers beyond this typically offer diminishing returns, as they tend to reiterate the same issues. Beyond five, you’re generally confirming known insights rather than uncovering new ones.

If your product caters to varied target users, study with at least 5 from each group to account for differing behaviors. On a tight budget, aim for a minimum of 3 reviewers.

We advocate for conducting iterative rounds of studies with five reviewers, implementing changes based on their feedback, and then repeating the process with a new set of participants. This approach facilitates progressive issue identification and resolution, reveals deeper problems with successive studies, and is generally more cost- and time-efficient.

Remember, these are guidelines. Tailor the number of reviewers to your needs. It’s good practice to conduct studies in rounds, continuing until reaching saturation – the point at which no new insights emerge.

Does a study focus on a single page or a multi-page flow?

A study can focus on either a single webpage or a full website, tailored to your specific needs and goals.

For in-depth analysis of specific elements, a single-page study might be more fitting, especially if the page plays a crucial role in the user journey or is undergoing a redesign. Reviewers can then provide detailed feedback on design, content, and overall user experience on that page.

If you aim to understand the overall user journey, or assess the coherence of different pages, studying the entire flow would be more beneficial. This approach offers a broader perspective, albeit with less focus on individual pages.

The most suitable strategy can be a combination of both, aligning with your objectives. You could run two studies with some reviewers evaluating the overall website while others focus on specific pages.

When can I expect to receive feedback from reviewers?

The turnaround time for receiving feedback from reviewers can vary based on the nature of the audience involved in the study.

For general audiences, you can often expect results same day of launching your study. This allows you to iterate quickly and continuously improve based on real user feedback.

For specialty audiences, the timeline can extend up to two weeks if we don’t have them in our user base. While this may seem longer, it is important to remember that these are reviewers who have specific expertise or characteristics that make them uniquely suited to evaluate your product. Finding, engaging, and collecting quality feedback from these reviewers requires time, but the depth and relevance of the insights they provide can be invaluable to your study.

In essence, while speed is essential, the quality and relevance of feedback are equally, if not more, important for effective user studies. We strive to balance these aspects to provide you with the most valuable feedback in a reasonable timeframe.

What criteria do you use to select reviewers?

We select reviewers based on their ability to provide valuable, detailed, and constructive feedback. We look for reviewers who can articulate their thoughts, stay on task, and communicate effectively, ensuring they offer valuable insights for improving the user experience and messaging.

To ensure the authenticity of our reviewers, we have robust verification measures in place. We verify the identity and credentials of our reviewers to ensure they are genuine users with real experiences. This helps maintain the integrity of our feedback and provides you with reliable insights from trustworthy sources.

Can I select the demographic or professional background of my reviewers?

Yes, you have the ability to select specific demographics or professional backgrounds for your reviewers. During the study setup process, you can define the criteria you’re looking for in reviewers, such as age, gender, location, or professional expertise. This helps ensure that the feedback you receive aligns with your target audience and provides valuable insights specific to your product or service.

What is your refund policy?

We are committed to providing high-quality insights and ensuring your satisfaction. If you are not happy with a reviewer’s feedback, we offer a free replacement with a new reviewer at no extra cost.

Are there any discounts for bulk purchases or long-term contracts?

Certainly! We would be more than happy to assist you with your large testing needs or long-term contract inquiries. Please click here to book a call with our founder, Quinn Zeda.

During the call, you can discuss your requirements, explore available options, and get personalized assistance for your testing needs. We look forward to connecting with you and finding the best solution for your business.

Why do B2B reviewers command a higher price?

B2B reviewers often require specialized knowledge, industry experience, or specific professional backgrounds to provide valuable insights for business-focused products or services. This expertise and level of understanding typically come at a higher cost and they are harder to recruit. They tend to have busy schedules and require compensation that reflects their time and expertise.

We strive to ensure that the insights they provide align with the price you pay for their valuable expertise.