Basic Business
Done with you
$139 $115
/ mo
  • 1 test
  • 5 users per test
  • Usability test setup
  • Custom testing plan

Save 33% over On demand ($209)

Pro Agency
Done with you
$259 $215
/ mo
  • 2 tests
  • 5 users per test
  • Usability test setup
  • Custom testing plan

Save 38% over On demand ($418)

Done for you Expert insights
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$499 $415
/ mo
  • 1 test
  • 5 users per test
  • Usability test setup
  • Custom testing plan
  • Custom recommendations

Save 45% over On demand ($899)

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"I thought everyone would understand and interact with my product in the same ways I do. I witnessed and learned that these unexamined assumptions were VERY wrong and that I was driving a critical aspect of my business with blinders on. The many insights I received allowed me to rapidly apply crucial changes." Michael Gurevich, ILYS

What you can learn

Not sure where to start? Pick your test, subscription type and let us figure it out for you.

Content Creators


Learn where users get stuck, why they leave right after adding to cart, how to make it easier for them to find their product and more.

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Content Creators

SaaS & Apps

Learn how to convey your value proposition, present your product, make your user onboarding as easy as pie and more.

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Content Creators

Lead Gen

Find out how to position your service or products in a way that your clients understand, reduce annoying questions and more.

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Content Creators


Figure out how to showcase your offering, set the right expectations, retain more members and get more of them.

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Content Creators

Affiliate & Content

Learn how users consume your content, where they click and why, how they search for your target keywords and more.

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Content Creators

Productized Service

Improve the way you package your services to attract more customers, hear how they describe your offering and create trust from the start.

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On demand testing

Only pay for the users you test with and for the type of insights you need.

Test setup Add-on $59

Save up to 35% when you buy in bulk


Why is this important to my business?

As a business, you want people to love your products or services, so they give their money to you instead of competitors.

To have people love your products or services, you need to know if they understand them and how they use them, starting from your website. That’s where user Conversion Crimes comes in.

We help you understand:

  • Do they use your product/website like you intended it to be used?
  • Do they achieve the goal they set out to do with your product?
  • Do they find the right information on your site before buying?
  • Are they happy or frustrated after using your product or visiting your site?

And more…

By answering these questions, you’ll create a better experience – from website to product – for your customers. This will improve your conversion rate and bottom line.

Why would I use Conversion Crimes instead of A/B testing or something like Hotjar?

Unless you have, at absolute minimum, 10,000 unique visitors per month, A/B testing won’t work for you. This is due to the levels of statistical significance required to know if one page is winning over another. You usually also need about 1,000 conversions per month to get valuable information out of split testing.

Even then, you will have to make drastic changes to see results reflected in A/B tests and you will know what doesn’t work but not the reason why, which is what helps you truly improve your site or product.

With Conversion Crimes you don’t need any traffic because we automatically find users for you to test with.

A platform like Hotjar can be great to get quantitative data and metrics for you to improve your user experience. Heatmaps and user recording videos can provide some useful data on frequent behavior patterns. However these won’t help you understand what’s underneath, the reasons why users act a certain way.

With Conversion Crimes you get real people recording their screens while on your site or app, and talking through their thoughts out loud for you to hear. You’ll get insights like:

  • Why they’re searching for information on a certain page rather than somewhere else
  • What they expect to happen before clicking a button and then if their expectations were met
  • If they trust your platform, why or why not, and what they would need to know/see in order to trust it
  • What influences their decision to click on a certain CTA rather than on another one
  • If they understand what you offer and what they focus on to understand it
  • And more!
What’s the difference between “Subscription” and “On demand” testing?

When you subscribe (Business, Agency or Expert insights plans) you get personal assistance by our CRO experts for your tests set up, plus a customized testing plan for the first 3/4 months of your subscription.

Setting up tests is not difficult but requires a bit of a learning curve in order to get really valuable and actionable insights. By subscribing you shortcut all that and can jump straight into learning more about your users. When you subscribe you also get a substantial discount (from 33% to 45%) over the same test “On demand”.

What do you mean with “test writing”?

A Conversion Crimes test is made up of several tasks that you write when creating a test and that users have to go through to help you understand how they use your site. Think of it as the experience your visitors go through divided into step by step actions. These actions or tasks will guide our users (testers) through the test.

Usually, when you start writing tests, it might take longer to get the type of valuable insights that we find for businesses in just a matter of days – that’s why some business owners have one of their team learn how to do it, or have us do it for them.

When you sign up for a monthly subscription or buy the “Test writing” Add-on, our CRO experts are going to write the tests for you, based on your goals and requirements. This usually saves you time and guarantees that your monthly test gets you the insights you needed. No other usability testing platform offers this.

How long does it take to get the videos?

On average tests are completed within 8-12 hours depending on the test length and on the demographic (male, female, age range, web expertise etc.) you pick for it.

Where are the users from?

Our users are mostly from the USA and Canada but we also have European users. Even if your business sells internationally we’ve got you covered.

My audience is unique. How will user testing help me? Can you replicate my audience?

The general consensus amongst UX practitioners is to avoid getting too specific when finding users. The majority of products should be clear and easy to use by anyone.

However, if you need specific demographics we offer the following selections:

  • Male/Female
  • Age range (18-24, 24-34, 34-44, 45+)
  • Web expertise (Any, Power user, Web expert)

More coming soon…

In addition, we offer a write-in option where you can specify extra requirements like, “speaks French” “reads the news” “manager” “plays chess” and “interested in sports” “uses “Google Chrome” etc.

What am I allowed to test?

You can ask users to complete tasks on a website, app (yours or competitors’), or even wireframe/website mockup. As long as what you need to test has a URL link, you can test it.

The purpose is to get feedback on what users are thinking, trying to do, or get frustrated with.

Do not create a test where the purpose is to get a user to:

  • Click on ads
  • Post to social media
  • Download spyware

If your test contains adult content, make sure you select the related option in the test creation page.

How do I know how many users to run my test with?

As soon as you collect data from a single test user, your insights shoot up and you have already learned almost a third of all there is to know about the usability.

When you test the second user, you will discover that this person does some of the same things.

Each new user adds a bit more insight than the last, but you will keep seeing the same things again and again. Thus, learning less and less new insights each added video.

We recommend 3 users for our budget customers
Three users is enough to get an idea of the diversity in user behavior and insight into what’s unique and what can be generalized.

We recommend 5 users for most people
Five is the best return on investment and usually finds 85% of the issues. Testing costs increase with each additional user, yet the number of findings quickly reaches the point of diminishing returns.

Have a bigger budget? YAY! Spend it on more tests, not more users in each test.

We recommend 9 users when you are looking for as much feedback as possible
You would need at least 15 users to catch 100% of the usability errors. This is overkill for most businesses. It’s better to run a larger quantity of smaller tests. 🙂 However you might want to use anything between 10 to 20 testers whenever you want to find outliers or are running short first impressions tests (usually 1 or 2 minutes).

I want to pay as I go, is there a time limit for claiming the tests I purchase?

You can claim a test you purchase up to 6 months after your order. Once you sign up, you’ll be able to create and launch your test from your dashboard whenever you want within that period.

How often should I run user tests?

Ideally, usability testing should be done on prototypes before your product or site launches or before a redesign of business change. You should always be testing though. No website or app is perfect but it should constantly be adapting to the audience’s needs.

We created our Subscription tiers with 1 test per month. Ideally you could set a 6-month testing plan and completely transform your business with the insights and improvements you get over time.

Those tiny tweaks that lead to more conversions compound over time. It doesn’t take a lot to make a big shift.

What if I think a video is useless?

We want you to be completely satisfied with your test. If after receiving your test results you are not satisfied, we’ll either provide you with another one or return the credit to your balance.

How can I add this to my service?

As an agency we saw the power of testing with Conversion Crimes first hand for our clients. We were able to spot usability issues fast and cost effectively, and to back them with real human behavior data. It’s always been a laser-focused and eye opening process, and clients loved it.

That’s why we decided to offer it as a white label, done for your service as well. If you’re a digital marketing, branding or SEO agency, this is for you.

How you implement it into your workflow, is up to you. Usability testing is super helpful both before a website redesign to understand where the current site falls short, and after, to validate the changes you’ve made. You can run quick first impression tests to collect qualitative data on what users think about a brand and if they trust it. Or you can user test a specific landing page before it goes live, as a wireframe or mockup. In any case, we’ll guide you towards what’s best for you at every stage of the process.

Still have questions?