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We'll set you up for success by consulting with you and writing your test - you watch the videos.

$199 per test
Expert Insights

Let us do the heavy lifting. You'll get a report with all the details, an overview, & custom reccommendations from an expert.

$899 per test

What's the difference between the options?

Save money or save time and have an expert do it for you.

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Self-Serve Guided Expert Insights

Customizable test size & # of testers

PS. Guided & Expert Insights have 5 testers only

Tester Targeting

We find users that match your target market.

Smart Dashboard

Combines user feedback, your notes, and analytics for fast analysis.

Account Manager

We handle logistics and test planning for you.

Test Set up Writing

Our team writes and sets up your test for you.

Test Summary

Our team will watch and highlight key moments.

Expert Insights Report

Big value. Suggests fixes for usability issues found in your test.

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$10,000 $8,500 Save $1,500 15% off Buy now
$20,000 $16,000 Save $4,000 20% off Buy now

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