"We subscribed to Conversion Insurance because we NEEDED extra eyes on all of our funnels, to make sure nothing was broken. This service is awesome. If you're running ANY type of paid ads, you need this."Hernan Vazquez, hernanvazquez.com

Introducing, an insurance policy for your conversions.

Anything that might result in a conversion being lost on your site, from bugs to confusion, is detected by our human-powered quality control system.

💳 Ensure checkout and functionality is working correctly.

😬 Detect if forms or menus are broken or embarrassingly difficult.

🤬 Complaints about missing info, annoying stuff, or lost trust.

🐞 Report errors or bugs that pop up while trying to do stuff.

🔗 Find broken links, typos, or misrepresentations.

🚨 Alert you to any issues that confuse or mislead visitors.

Here's how it works 👇

We dispatch real people to your site.

They record their screens and document their experience as they explore and play with features most likely to crash, fail standards, be untrustworthy, or create negative outcomes.

This approach tests real-world conditions & influencing factors with a never-ending combination of operating systems and software versions.

Get scheduled reporting of what we find.

Our team will watch the videos, summarize, and send you a report (via email or slack) as often as you want.

The report will have the exact timecode of any issues so you check and fix them quickly before more customers are lost.

Sleep better, knowing you have a last line of defense.

The typical customer in our beta period found an average of 11 conversion errors recovering 5-6 figures in lost money every month.

Our mission is to save your business money that would have been lost due to glitches or problems. For many businesses, the subscription is less than the cost of just one lost customer.

Have piece of mind with our human-powered quality control system.

No Contracts. Cancel Anytime.


One device per week each month.


- Test set-up with our experts

- One Win, Mac, iOS, and Android device tested each MONTH

- Reports delivered every week

$299 per month
Most popular Weekly Check-up

Every week we run tests on all 4 devices.


- Test set-up with our experts

- One Win, Mac, iOS, and Android device tested each WEEK

- Reports delivered every other day

$999 per month
Daily Check-up

Every day we run a test for one device.


- Test set-up with our experts

- One device tested per DAY rotating between Win, Mac, iOS, Android.

- Daily Reporting

$1,999 per month

Prices based on tests up to 15 minutes long which works for the majority of sites.

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