It depends on what you are testing for. Our general guideline is 1-2 minutes per task. If the task is easy or fast to complete use 1 minute. If the task is more difficult 2 minutes. Then add 2 minutes to your final calculation.

Below are examples of video lengths and what kind of user testing videos you would get with each one.

1-3 minute tests
1-2 minute tests are great for gathering information on first impressions or to answer a quick question about your website. Such as, does your value prop headline articulate who you are and what you do clearly? Do people understand what you want them to do on the website? What is the first thing you would click on if you landed on this page and why? Use 3 minutes when you want them to make one simple action in addition to a first impression.

4-10 minutes tests:
We find that most videos fit within the 6-8 minute range. This is enough time to browse a website, find an item to buy, and go through a check out process. If your test has just 3 questions a 4-5 minute test will likely suffice. However, if you want someone to go through your website, look for several items, and then complete a task then a 6-8 minute test is usually best.

12 + minute videos:
This is great for SAAS or app onboarding processes which take longer and have more steps. Some of which can take considerable time to figure out, fill forms, and complete the process.

For example:
You’re able to get customers to sign up, but they cant understand how to do the tasks in the app and thus aren’t converting to paid accounts. Depending on what how complex and how many steps are required to do the process in your app, would depend on the length of the video. If it takes 5-7 minutes or less for a user to complete the process outlined in your tasks a 12 minute test should suffice. If it takes 8 or more minutes complete, choose 15-20 minutes for your test.