Day 9: Eavesdropping on your customers

How great does it feel to finally have some solid data to back-up your business decisions?!

I bet you feel on top of your game 👊

Today’s lesson is even better.

We’re giving you another goldmine source of rich data, AND…

You’re going to learn how to collect money words.

i.e. words directly from your customers’ mouths that sell your product/service for you. There’s no better salesperson than one of your happy customers.

If you’re ever stuck on what to write in your marketing pages, emails, and ads, or even on your website, then you’re gonna want to pay attention to this one.

No need for a pad and a pen, we’ve got all the steps and templates here ready for you.

So let’s get to it!

In today’s homework, you’re going to launch an Email survey.

Email surveys are a great way to eavesdrop on what your customers are saying about you – don’t worry if you don’t have a substantial email list, we’ll show you how to collect money words by other means.

You can find out how customers feel about your service.

What they say when describing it to their friends i.e. your prospects.

You want them to not have a bad word to say about you, right?

In the previous lesson, we got a decent idea of what this would sound like.

But now, we’re going to get the answers right out of the horse’s mouth.

In an email survey, you send your customers an email asking them to give you feedback in a short survey.

It’s confidential, and you’ll be sure to mention that so the customer gives you their honest opinion – no holds barred.

You don’t need to give them any sort of incentive (unless you want to), because they’ll already be dying to tell you how they feel about being your customer. Plus it shows you care about them and their opinion!

When you get completed survey forms packed full of your customer’s own writing, detailing what they’re looking to spend money on, how your service provides just that, and how you can increase the value of your service… It’s game changing.

I mean, how great would it be for your next sales meeting, call, or even email, if you were loaded with info on exactly what your prospect wants, why they want it, and how you can give it to them?

Not just sales, but marketing too!

Send out a survey just once, and you can have all the copy you need for a successful ad… Or landing page if you get enough responses!

So, where do we start?

  1. First you create the survey.
  2. You can use Google Forms for this. Or any survey/marketing software you have access to i.e. Typeform, Surveymonkey, Activecampaign etc.
  3. Your survey should have no more than 8 questions, with 2-4 multiple choice Q’s and 4-6 short text Q’s.
  4. You can use this fill-in-the-blank question template.
  5. In there, you’ll also find an email template you can use to invite your customers to take the survey.

  6. You can email your current and previous customers to get their feedback.
  7. Once you’ve gotten all the responses, copy and paste them into your research spreadsheet.

Then you’ll have a whole load of juicy copy to pick at 😋

Not to mention more valuable data to help you make smart business decisions!

If you don’t have a substantial email list, however, you can collect money words the following ways:

  • Start an AMA on Reddit – in a group where you think your customers will hang-out.
  • Post onto a Facebook group – as long as you don’t violate the group terms.
  • Any other online communities where you know your customers are active members – just post a couple questions, or even start a question poll.

And don’t be shy with this, people love to give their opinions 😉

That’s all for this lesson.