Day 7: Who’s that customer? Why’re they here?

Following on from what we learned in the last lesson, we’re going to shine a light in your eye and test your knowledge about your customers a bit.

How much do you know them?

Could you pick them out at a bar?

Or even, would you know that a stranger was your customer if they were talking to you?

To illustrate my point, let me quickly tell you about my experience at my local gym the other day:

I walked in, and the first thing I’m greeted with is a smile and a: “Hi, Quinn!”

It instantly made me feel comfortable. Like I belonged there. Like it’s a part of my life now.

And when something becomes an important part of your life, you stay loyal to it.

If I was asked by a salesperson to join another gym, even if it had better facilities and it was cheaper, I would feel like I was having to sacrifice something good. We can’t help but feel a little guilty when we leave a business – it’s in our DNA.

This is the reason why it’s SO HARD to convince someone to transfer from a business they use all the time, over to somewhere else. It’s the idea of change, and the scary thought of having to explain to the business why you’ve joined their rival (it’s ridiculous, but real!).

Having said this… If I were to visit a Total over a 7/11, I wouldn’t feel guilty at all.

Why? Because in Total or 7/11 I’m just another customer. They don’t know my name, I’m forgotten about as soon as I leave the store. Imagine the churn rates they have. Could you afford to lose that many customers so regularly?

This is why if you’re not a giant like 7/11 or Total, you need to know your customers. They need to feel like you know and truly care about them.

Let’s look at some online examples, and see what you think:

The example above feels like a lawyer is interrogating you: “Search best lawyers, NOW!”

Now this one is a lot more customer-focused. You get the sense they really want to help you AND that they know what you want – help with your legal questions. Especially with the chat box on the right.

It’s that feeling of belonging which is one of the main reasons if you want a loyal customer base, or even a crazy fandom like Clickfunnels has, then the first step is to get to know your customers.

So… how well do you know them now?

Let’s put it to the test, shall we? 😉

I’d like you to write a short story – not the kind you did in highschool.

It’s going to be about a character named Jannine.

Jannine is your customer. It’s up to you what age she is, what she does, and what she wants.

You’re going to write out her story, from her first experiencing a problem that your product/service solves, or experiencing a desire that your product/service satisfies, to her discovering your business and becoming a customer.

It need not be longer than half a page.

Paragraph 1: What you think caused her problem/desire
Paragraph 2: How you think she searched for a solution
Paragraph 3: How she found you
Paragraph 4: How/why she became your customer.

Easy, right?

However, don’t be surprised if you get a delayed shock to this later on in the course 😉

That’s all for today’s lesson.

See you in the next one.