Day 10: Remember Jannine?

We’ve come to the final lesson of part 2 – customer research. And we want to kick you into part 3 with a bang!

We’ve learned how to collect data by carrying out customer research, such as: email surveys, looking at testimonials, support requests, and your FAQ.

Now, you’re going to organize that data so we can put it to use in part 3.

How does it benefit you to use this data?

It means you no longer have to guess any decisions you make in your business. Not sure how to market your product/service? What to say in your adverts? Or maybe you’re not sure if your new product/service will be successful?

Big hitting questions like these can be easily answered by just looking at your research. However, at the moment, it’s a bit all over the place.

Now, we’re going to condense it all into a couple of pages as a guide you can dip into every time you need to make a change in your business.

Remember Jannine?

In the first customer research lesson we created a customer story for Jannine. You wrote down their journey from experiencing a need for your product/service, then seeking it out, then becoming your customer.

Now, you’re going to do the same. A customer story for Jannine.

However, this time, she has told you her story herself. All the quotes and testimonials you got from the customer research is her story. You just need to write it out!

So go ahead and do that now on 1 page.

And as you do, take a mental note of ideas that come up of how you can change your onboarding process, for example. Or ideas for a new feature you think your customers would really benefit from.

Once you’ve finished writing out Jannine’s story, list out these ideas as takeaways and make some notes about how you can act on them. As well as how you think they’ll benefit your business.

Did you get a shock discovering things you didn’t know about your customers?

We know we did when we carried out this exercise for the first time. And our clients always do when we create their customer avatars.

There might be a complaint customers have that you weren’t aware of. Or you might find customers have a different reason for wanting to use your service than you previously thought.

Whatever revelations you have, it is game-changing for your business.

I can’t stress this enough – everything you do should be backed by data from thorough research.

It reduces risk to almost zero and saves so much money you would have originally wasted on failed marketing campaigns, or dud features.

So that’s it for part 2!

Did you enjoy it?

Good. You’re going to love part 3 even more.

Trust me on this – the course gets better and better every lesson!