You just don’t know what it is.

So, you could find & hire an expert, join their waitlist to throw down 4-5 figures to find the problem and fix it…

Or you could get to the root cause of the problem FASTER and CHEAPER.

That’s what user testing does…

It lets you locate your conversion leaks so you can fix them, fast.

Would you rather tinker and guess? Or make money?

Most entrepreneurs, when alerted to a problem, go in and tinker with things trying to figure it out themselves.

With user testing, the conversion errors reveal themselves.

By watching a user attempt to complete a task on your website, you’ll learn how you can make your website more user friendly – and profitable.

So, what exactly is user testing?

User testing is like looking over your potential customers’ shoulders, and seeing how they use your site.

To illustrate this – imagine your mom or dad was having trouble completing a website form, and asked you for help.

Chances are, you could help them do what they needed pretty quickly.

Unfortunately, you can’t hover behind all of your users shoulders. What you CAN do is watch recorded video sessions of real people using your website, in order to see where they get confused, stuck, or hesitant.

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Break it down for me

Basically, user testing works like this:

  1. You submit your user testing request
  2. Real people use your website to complete tasks you give them, while thinking out loud
  3. You get videos of people interacting with your website

End result? You get valuable insights you can use to make more money.

Normally, companies like charge $500 for this kind of service. (And other companies like AirBnB gladly pay this fee, knowing the value is there).

Why Conversion Crimes Is Your Best Choice

We started Conversion Crimes for two reasons:

  1. We know how powerful user testing is.
  2. Nobody was offering easy to use, affordable user testing to small biz owners.

Hell, half the user testing sites out there have usability issues themselves.

We knew the entrepreneurs of the world deserved better.

User testing gives you profitable knowledge

For example, a friend of ours was running a profitable ecommerce store. However, they were receiving a LOT of support requests – and they knew their conversion rate could be higher.

They didn’t want to invest tens of thousands of dollars hiring a conversion rate expert.

Instead, they did a user test for $100.

They found something that would be hilarious if it wasn’t costing them so much money – their signup form had a minor error in it.

It wasn’t enough to keep everyone from signing up. But it was frustrating enough to cause most users to give up – losing the sale.

After realizing this through user testing, our friend’s profits increased by 35%.

Ready to get started?

Your signup forms might be fine. But maybe:

Starting at as little as $10 per result, you can fix these kinds of conversion crimes and get back the revenue you’ve been leaving out on the table today.

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