How to Write Customer Centric Copy

Your copy should be more than just talking about yourself, it’s also an opportunity to speak to your audience.

Day 18: Why narcissists love good copy

Life is all about me, Me, ME!

Which is why 90% of things in life are about everyone’s favourite question: “What’s in it for me?”.

This is what your visitors ask themselves every time they read a sentence on your website.

If your copy doesn’t answer that question, wave bye-bye to the sale.

But if your copy is juicy, exciting and all about ME as a reader, you’ll be sleeping on a mattress made of cash in no time.

Today we’re talking about customer-centric copy, and how to write it.

Keep their attention

Here’s a quick test you can take right now. Head to your homepage or product/service page and press cmd+F (Mac) or Ctrl+F (Windows). Search for the word “you”.

How many times did you use it?

Now search for “we”, “us” and “our”. How do they compare?

If you’re like 99% of entrepreneurs out there, chances are the second word count was considerably higher.

Which is totally upside down, of course. Your copy should be about your customers, not you.

Let your brand design, your testimonials, and your new value proposition speak for you. They will be what makes your leads have trust in your product/service. It’s the classic Show vs Tell argument in practice.

Check out this example:

Notice how the copy is focused on YOU, not US.

Also notice how the only use of “I” is so the customer can refer to themselves.

This is an excellent example of a landing page that uses YOU as the main component of its copy.

Now compare it with this:

It’s a world apart from that first example.

This copy is braggy, self-centred and offers absolutely no benefits for using it (except, of course, the great sense of privilege you get from using them as your provider).

You know that guy at the party that always finds a way to bring the conversation back around to what he thinks, who he knows, where he went? That’s what that website is.

And if yours, heaven forbid, is like that too… well, it ends today.


Your Homework

Read through every sentence of one of your main conversion pages — preferably one you’ve worked on during this course.

Identify copy that doesn’t talk about/to the reader.

Then flip it so that it does!

It’s the difference between “What We Offer” and “How We Help You”.

When your leads see that you’re speaking to them, not at them, that’s when they start to really listen. And if you have what they need, you might just make yourself some new customers.

Good luck.