What Makes Your Business So Unique?

Finding out the one thing about your service that appeals to your audience is the first step to sell. But how to convince clients that you are different from competition?

Day 16: What makes you so special?

Look at this screenshot from Apple’s website.

It’s gorgeous. And so simple.

Apple is in a very lucky position to have a homepage that looks like this.

They don’t have to educate people about what an iPhone is, because everybody knows what an iPhone is. All this homepages does it tell us that’s here, right now, and it’s ready to be bought. Well done, Apple.

Unfortunately, you and I aren’t in this fortunate position; we need to work harder for the sale.

The chances are, nobody knows who you are, and they don’t care enough to do their research.

The chances are, you’ve got competition. And they do probably do at least one thing better than you.

How on earth are you supposed to dominate your market if nobody knows who you are, and your competition can lay a claim to being better than you?

Answer: Tell people who you are, what you do, who for, and why you do it better/differently to everyone else.

But here’s the difficult part…

You need to do it in less than 50 words.



Well, not exactly. You want people to know all of this about you, just by reading your headline and subheading.

The word count may change, but that’s your challenge.

If you can all that information in your headline, fantastic. But for more technical products and services, that’s what your subheading is for.

So, how do you do this succinctly, yet in an informative way, in just one line?

Your homework

Figure out the one thing your audience finds most appealing about your product.

If you have 3 or 4 stand out characteristics, that’s fine. Write your headline around the best one, and the subheading around the others.


But don’t cheat

No assumptions allowed. Use customer data and feedback to determine the real game-changer that made them love you.