Here's how it works 👇

We dispatch a real person to your website.

They record their screens and document their reactions as they browse around.

You see and hear what it's like to be inside their heads as they see it for the first time.

Get insights on what to improve

Watch the initial reaction commentary on the fly as they play around, talk about what they understand, and click things.

What stands out? What's missing? What didn't they understand?

Implement Changes

Based on your learnings, what's the easiest and fastest way to reduce that friction?

Make changes and do it again next month.

Continious Improvement = Compounding Conversions

"You do not rise to the level of your goals. You fall to the level of your systems." - James Clear, Atomic Habits

Don't overlook the little gains; they're significant. They are an action.

And taking one action is required before you can take a second, and a third.

Small changes compounded over time will help you create a superior customer experience without breaking the bank.

trust levels

Choose a template. Launch a test. Watch the Video.

Kickstart a habit to improve customer experience with Scout! You can use any of these test templates - for free, once a month.

Ecommerce - First Impression

Do people know what I sell? How do they browse, search or filter products?

Amazon Listing Hero Review

What do people understand about my product from the hero/header section only?

Amazon Listing Full Review

What stands out and what is missing from my Amazon Listing?

SaaS Free Trial Flow

How does someone use my software, having never seen it before? What do they do? What don't they get?

Media Buying Funnel

Test a fb or ig ad funnel. What do people think about my ads? Am I matching expectations?


How do users browse and find products/services they're interested in?


How do users find what they want and make a booking/appointment?

General - First Impressions

Do they understand what I do and who I do it for?


How do users browse your affiliate site, where do they go, what do they do?

Here's a few samples of Scout tests

SaaS Free Trial - Testimonial.To

General Site - Nomad List

Amazon Listing Hero - GoVee

We're on a mission to make the web more user friendly!

With Scout, you can get started with one free test per month and upgrade to paid tests when you want more or need more features.

Our users say it best 😘