Ad to Store

Users are directed through your cold traffic funnel. From one of your ads to exploring your store.


In this template, you'll see what your target buyer thinks about your ads and if they want to click through or not. You may know this ad is a winner (or a dud) but you don't know WHY! Now, if the data is telling you that A outperforms B, that doesn't show HOW effective A is - just that it's better than B. The best way to find out how effective the solution is that you've designed is through testing with real users, who can demonstrate real flows, challenges and thought patterns when going through your cold traffic funnel. If revenue increases — but ad spend remains the same — your ROAS will grow. An ad campaign can perform poorly due to a number of reasons: poor audience targeting, a low click-through rate (i.e., poor creative), or a low conversion rate. If you are looking to drive profitable growth without increasing spend this template will tell you exactly where the problem is and why.

Test Questions

When using a template, read through the questions and fill in the blanks found in [brackets] with your information. The templates are there as a guide, feel free to edit and modify as you see fit.

  1. Read / Watch the ad. What stood out to you? What's on offer? Do you want to click through? Why or why not?
  2. Click through the ad, what is your first impression? Is this what you expected? Why or why not?
  3. Browse as you normally would after clicking through an ad. Walk us through your thought process, questions, and whatever else you would do when you land on a store after clicking through an ad. Spend at least 5 minutes, then move on.
  4. You found something you want to buy - is there anything you would do before going through with the purchase? If so, show us and tell us what you think about it.

Understand the specific thoughts, motivations, and actions of your leads.

Screencast walkthrough videos recorded by your target buyers telling you everything.

Increase conversions by understanding WHY there's a problem.

  • See what language turns them off or makes them distrust you.

  • Learn what they think is important or attracts their attention.

  • Experience how your messaging and product vibes with them - or not!
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