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Observe how your target audience naturally navigates your website. Discover their preferences, patterns, and the user journey on your site.


Delve into the unguided exploration of your website by your target audience. This template is designed to let users freely interact with your site, providing invaluable insights into natural navigation patterns, areas of interest, and user behaviour. Understand which sections attract the most attention, where users spend the most time, and what elements might be causing confusion or disinterest. Use these observations to optimize the user journey, enhance site layout, and tailor content to better align with user preferences and expectations.

Test Questions

When using a template, read through the questions and fill in the blanks found in [brackets] with your information. The templates are there as a guide, feel free to edit and modify as you see fit.

  1. Without clicking anything or scrolling, what is your first impression? What stands out to you? What do you think this company is all about, what kind of stuff do they sell?
  2. Spend the [X minutes] going and doing whatever your heart desires while walking us through your thought process, questions, and whatever else you would do when you land on this store for the first time.
  3. What are your overall thoughts about this site? Did the website offer enough information to help you make an informed purchase decision? Why or why not?

Understand the specific thoughts, motivations, and actions of your leads.

Screencast walkthrough videos recorded by your target buyers telling you everything.

Increase conversions by understanding WHY there's a problem.

  • See what language turns them off or makes them distrust you.

  • Learn what they think is important or attracts their attention.

  • Experience how your messaging and product vibes with them - or not!
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What would you like to know, gut check, and/or validate?

Ask any questions you want or request people to perform tasks.

Step 3:

Watch Experience

See what they do and the words they use to describe you & their experience.

Everything you want to know about your buyers that analytics can't tell you.

Step 4:

Take Action

Execute on what you learned by making key changes in precise places.

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