Hero Section Test

See users first impression of your Amazon listing as they look at the header section (no scrolling). Then watch them freely explore the rest of your listing.


People make involuntary assumptions about the things they experience, essentially, they have created mental shortcuts to help interpret the world around them. This also applies to your site, users will make judgments on whether you listing is credible and trustworthy by their past knowledge and experiences.

So what do they think when they land on your listing for the first time? Do they trust it? What do they understand? Is your messaging clear to them?

In this test you will learn the why. Why do users find my site easy or hard to understand? Why do they find it credible or not? Then, with this information, get insights on what you can do to improve first impressions on your site.

Test Questions

When using a template, read through the questions and fill in the blanks found in [brackets] with your information. The templates are there as a guide, feel free to edit and modify as you see fit.

  1. Without scrolling and only looking at the information in the header section of this listing, tell us your first impression of this listing? What catches your attention, what questions do you have about it?
  2. Without scrolling and only using the information in the header section of this listing, can you explain to us what this product is about? Do the images help you understand it better? Why or why not?
  3. What if anything is still unclear?
  4. Now, freely explore the entire listing as you wish. What stands out? What attracts your attention? Can you clear up everything?
  5. Based on your experiences shopping on Amazon what are some ways you think this listing could be improved?

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  • See what language turns them off or makes them distrust you.

  • Learn what they think is important or attracts their attention.

  • Experience how your messaging and product vibes with them - or not!
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