Shopping & Check Out Functionality

Watch users go through and test your shopping cart and checkout process.


In this test you will ensure that shopping and checkout functionality is working correctly. You will learn this by watching users taking various actions while they test these processes.

Broken links, typos, misrepresentations, missing info, annoying stuff, and bugs are but some of the things you will uncover during this test.

Ensuring that your site works correctly and properly will improve trust, credibility, and conversions on your site.

Test Questions

When using a template, read through the questions and fill in the blanks found in [brackets] with your information. The templates are there as a guide, feel free to edit and modify as you see fit.

  1. Navigate this website and play around with adding items to the cart, selection variations, sizes, etc and with the cart functionality as well (ie: changing quantities). Generally, mess around with adding products to the cart and various checkout functions for at least 5 minutes.
  2. Add some items to your cart if you don't have any. Then, close this browser tab and reopen the same website. Navigate to your cart, are your product choices still there?
  3. Continue to go through the checkout process using any address and using VISA card 4111 1111 1111 1111, any expiration, any CVV. When you get an invalid card error, consider the task complete.
  4. Closing thoughts: What, if anything, frustrated you about the site or check-out? Was there anything you wish you could do but couldn't?

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