"This type of video feedback is exactly what sellers need to improve their listings! There’s nothing like watching a shopper comment on their thought process while scrolling through a listing page."Rex Bledsoe, aquadesign.com

A new way to test Amazon and optimize listings for buyers.

Watch and hear shoppers comment their thought process while scrolling your listing and learn all kinds of stuff such as:

πŸ’¬ What do they understand in the first seconds on your listing.

πŸ¦Έβ€β™€οΈ Is your hero section doing you justice?

πŸ€” Is your product description interesting?

🀨 Are your bullet points compelling and providing the right info?

🀨 On first impression, does your product look high-quality?

πŸ–Ό Do the images explain the product without reading the text?

πŸ’― Is your A+ content helping or hurting you?

🚫 Why Amazon Prime shoppers might not buy from your listing?

Here's how it works πŸ‘‡

We dispatch real people to your Amazon Listing.

They record their screens and document their reactions as they browse your Amazon Listing.

You can test with Amazon Prime shoppers and/or consumers that match your target audience.

Learn what motivates them to buy, or not!

Watch the initial reaction commentary on the fly as they scroll through title, main image, secondary images, video, bullets, and A+ content. What stands out? What's missing?

With our tests you can ask testers anything you want and get answers that help you optimize.

Find out how you measure up against a competitor with a double-blind test.

We show testers 2 product listings (yours and your top competitor) and have the tester go through each listing and pick the one they like better and why.

Learn how to optimize your listing against competitors, build rankings, and open up more opportunities with Amazon.

Optimize your Amazon listings with insights from our expert shoppers.

Flexible options that fit into any budget.


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Expert Insights

Get actionable analysis of your test from our in-house team of UX/CRO experts.

We do the work & package it all up!

βœ… Test with 5 testers

βœ… Test Summary

βœ… Expert Insight Report

βœ… Audience Targeting

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